The AHSN Network is delighted to be hosting the Innovator Zone at Health and Care Innovation Expo 2017 for a second year. The zone showcases some of the country’s most enterprising industry innovators working at the very heart of health transformation to develop and spread cutting edge technology, systems and processes.

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Building on last year’s success, the AHSN Network Innovator Zone will be even bigger and feature more than 30 companies from across the country who’ll be showcasing a wide range of the latest healthcare innovations and technologies that have been developed with support from AHSNs, SBRI Healthcare, the NHS Innovation Accelerator and Digital Health Accelerators.

We will have a number of ‘Innovation into Practice’ sessions throughout the two days where you can hear about the transformations and improvements delivered by many of these innovations, with support and expertise from the AHSN Network. Come along and meet some exciting innovators and AHSN colleagues to find out how they are working within the health and care system.

Meet the Innovators

Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd has a track record of developing products that transform health and care services. Our portfolio includes MyPathway – a secure communications channel connecting patients to services, and PainSense – an app developed to promote the self-management of persistent pain.

Aerobit Health is an asthma management platform integrating smart hardware, software and big data analytics. Many asthmatics fail to take their inhalers in time. Our product aims to significantly improve medication adherence.

AliveCor Ltd is transforming cardiac care by bringing advanced smartphone tools, such as Kardia Mobile, to detect and prevent strokes. Our technology enables results to be delivered right to your smartphone, assessing heart rhythm and detecting atrial fibrillation.

Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives) provides a suite of products for self-care and remote monitoring. Focused on respiratory medicine initially but extended to weight management, cardiovascular, cancer and other long-term conditions. Our products have been deployed in many environments by people of all ages and abilities.

Bering Ltd is a cognitive computing company, which has developed an artificial intelligence platform that enables clinicians to make timely, safe and informed decisions. Our work with South West AHSN has facilitated the adoption of the technology in Somerset through targeted clinical engagement and patient-centred research and development.

Breaking Free Group is a behavioural science based digital business focused on alcohol, drug and smoking cessation.  Our award-winning products and preventative alcohol triage platform have been developed to help meet the targets set by CQUIN9.

Born Digital Health specialises in adapting well-evidenced therapeutic interventions into digital therapies, delivered through a sophisticated, automated and scalable online digital healthcare platform. Two products, Sleepstation (an insomnia treatment) and Reach (a treatment for co-morbid anxiety and depression in COPD) will be showcased at Expo 2017.

Cievert Ltd develops intuitive, innovative, specialist software for the health sector. We make the management of complex, individual clinical pathways simple, safe and equitable, leading to reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Damibu is a Liverpool based health software company utilising human centred design and agile development to deliver client led solutions. Our CATCH system offers a convenient way to deliver important health information to parents and carers, building confidence to know when self-care is appropriate.

DrDoctor supports hospitals with digital transformation. Using clever technology, we bring simplicity and control to the complex task of managing appointments. Hospitals can resolve capacity issues and meet the Carter objectives while transforming patient experience.

Docobo Ltd provide a suite of digital health solutions offering population level intelligence and remote monitoring capability to support out of hospital patient care and patient empowerment.

Echo’s co-founders both take medication to manage long-term conditions and were frustrated with the hassle of ordering repeat prescriptions. Together they assembled a team of doctors, pharmacists and technologists to build a service that puts the patient back in control and radically improves medication adherence.

eConsult is an online consultation platform – built by GPs for GPs. It enables NHS patients to consult with their own NHS GP, to improve patient access to healthcare, manage demand, and increase efficiencies for surgeries. Designed to signpost patients and manage minor ailments in a digital space.

Elemental Software has developed an award winning social prescribing digital platform. Our platform connects patients, health and social care professionals and community health and wellness providers, in measuring the impact of social prescribing and the difference that non-clinical solutions make to the health and wellbeing of communities.

ERAS+ is a patient and relative facing pathway for major surgery patients, providing better preparation, in-hospital care and patient recovery; aimed at reducing complications and improving health outcomes.

Fourth State Medicine has evolved from the space sector. Our revolutionary product, can eradicate drug resistant bacteria without damaging the surface, or remove fine layers of tissue; lending itself to a range of cosmetic surgery, diabetic ulcers and wound care applications.

Healios Ltd is a specialist online provider of mental health and neuro-developmental services. Currently commissioned by NHS organisations around the country to deliver mental health assessments and psychological therapies for children, young people and adults, uniquely focused on the needs of the entire family.

HealthMakeSpace is a professional networking platform that connects health tech SMEs with healthcare professionals, to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative health technologies. We are proud to be working with hundreds of healthcare professionals and companies in partnership with Imperial College Health Partners.

Helicon Health developed a digital platform for atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention. With the support of DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, UCL Partners and SBRI Healthcare, we have successfully raised finance, grown its team and brought this ground breaking product to market.

IEG4 Ltd provide smart digital solutions for hospital discharge and continuing healthcare. Our software solutions can automate many paper driven processes, greatly improving process efficiency.

Isansys enables providers to move from reactive to proactive delivery and moving the burden of acute care from the hospital to the home. Our Patient Status Engine is a wireless monitoring platform which collects and analyses vital signs and alerts health professionals when a patient’s health is deteriorating.

Santa Lucia Pharma Apps SrL and IBSL (UK) Ltd are specialist providers of clinical, robotic, automation and logistical services. SOFIA® provides a closed loop medicines management solution to 25 hospitals in Italy and a pilot, OptiMed-ID in England.

Marsoftware Ltd is a globally leading firm in the field of medication adherence. With 15,000 patients currently using the MAR Solution, we offer a real-time monitoring solution for patients in the community – providing simple, safe, secure and cost-effective medication monitoring.

Medefer Ltd is an award-winning healthcare service provider pioneering a new approach that brings GPs, consultants and patients closer together to deliver specialist care in the community. Our services enable GPs to rapidly gain support from specialists at local hospitals or via a network of fully accredited NHS consultants.

My mHealth Ltd provide online applications for patients with asthma, COPD, heart disease and diabetes. Integrated into a single long-term condition platform, our apps are currently the only products on the NHS apps store with full NHS approval.

Optasia Medical provides software and services, powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to help identify patients requiring medically necessary care. Primarily, we help case finding of vertebral fracture patients with osteoporosis.

OrthoOracle is an online atlas of orthopaedic surgery. All content is written by experienced surgeons, and its image library is unrivalled. Our objective is to improve patient outcomes through the dissemination of highest quality educational materials for those delivering surgical care.

Polyphotonix is a biphotonic research company developing healthcare solutions, using photonics as an enabling solution. Our Noctura 400 Sleep Mask for diabetic eye diseases has been through clinical trials, awarded the CE Mark and is currently being evaluated in real world settings prior to full adoption in a number of NHS hospitals.

Qbtech Ltd provide FDA cleared, and CE marked ADHD tests. Our products minimise delay to diagnosis of ADHD, a treatable disorder that affects 5% of school age children. QbTest shortens the assessment process for ADHD so that treatment can be given earlier.

Sitekit is a healthcare technology company with a mission to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, assisted by joined-up digital services. Our eRedbook is the UK’s first digital Personal Child Health Record (digital ‘red book’) that allows health professionals and parents to enter and share information digitally.

Transforming Systems provides real time, whole system visibility across health economies and facilitates live pre-planned, auditable, escalation responses. Our Waitless product is the first real time minor injuries patient waiting-time app, academically verified to have reduced minors activity. The technology is currently adopted by 26 Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Valera Health has co-designed, with patients and clinicians, a unique cloud-based platform and smart-device application to improve the mental and physical health of children, young people and adults; and provide that care closer to home.

Xim Ltd provide game changing video vital signs technology. Our Lifelight™ technology offers simple health monitoring and early warnings anywhere, avoiding clinical visits and enabling independence. We make it incredibly easy to measure key vital signs and to predict critical health events up to 24 hours ahead.

Visit the AHSN Network Innovator Zone to find out more and don’t miss us on the Innovate stage and our Pop Up University sessions too – and don’t forget when you’re feet are sore and your batteries are low there’s also our ‘Chill and Charge’ area with coffee and device recharging points!

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