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Enabling learning to improve patient safety and quality improvement

Health Education England (HEE) and the national Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) are working together to support and co-fund these critical safety roles, which will focus on learning from when things go wrong, including those that result in deaths or serious incidents.

Following the successful recruitment of two jointly funded safety fellows to support the East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative (EM PSC), this proven model for delivery of patient safety programmes is now being rolled out across England with four new roles.

Initially, these roles will work with their regional PSC, HEE and Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) to determine what work is already ongoing, how learning from investigations can be translated into education and training and where good practice exists. This can then be brought together as a collective piece of work across England.  Safety fellows will collaborate to adopt and spread initiatives across England – identifying and sharing best practice, disseminating learning, identifying gaps and making recommendations.

They will work with service, HEE and Higher Education Institutes to develop curriculum to ensure safety training is explicitly incorporated and will play a part in training and development to support staff affected by incidents, known as ‘second victim’.

Lucy Sutton, Learning from Deaths Lead, HEE commented; “Roles where people work alongside organisations in the work place to improve services and share learning can be extremely successful we’re looking forward to working with the PSC to improve patient safety and staff learning in these important areas.”

Dr Cheryl Crocker, patient safety leads chair, stated; “I am delighted to be working with HEE in this important area of work and am looking forward to seeing how it develops over the next twelve months.”

The safety fellows will work across the four regions in England, each one hosted by a local PSC and supported by HEE regional leads.  Each role is being recruited per region and more details can be found below:

West Midlands (covering the Midlands and East region)





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