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How we work

The AHSN Network enables the development of shared knowledge and culture across Academic Health Science Networks, while preserving the individuality and autonomy of each AHSN in its region. It undertakes only those tasks which, by agreement, cannot be performed as effectively by individual AHSNs. It has four broad functions:

  • Shared expertise and learning
  • Collective national voice
  • National point of access
  • Professional liaison and development

The AHSN Network brings AHSNs together through regular meetings and fora that facilitate joint working across geographic boundaries and enable the exchange of information, skills, knowledge and experience. Information on the groups within the AHSN Network are provided below.

AHSN Managing Directors and Chief Executives

Membership: managing directors and chief executives of the fifteen AHSNs and their selected deputies

Frequency of meetings: five times per year

Chair: Rachel Munton, Managing Director of East Midlands AHSN. Deputy chair: Guy Boersma, Managing Director of Kent, Surrey & Sussex AHSN

Contact: The secretariat can be contacted on [email protected]

Communications Forum

Membership: AHSN communications leads

Co-chairs: Amy Darlington, Director of Communications and Engagement at Imperial College Health Partners and Sarah Booth, General Manager at Greater Manchester AHSN

Frequency of meetings: six times a year

Contact: Chris Taylor, Head of Communications at East Midlands AHSN acts as Forum Secretary, tel: 0115 748 4242 or email [email protected]

Commercial Directors Forum

Membership: AHSN commercial directors and leads

Chair: Rob Berry, Head of Innovation and Research at Kent, Surrey & Sussex AHSN. Deputy chair: Karen Livingstone, Director of Partnerships and Industry Engagement at Eastern AHSN.

Frequency of meetings: monthly

Other groups

A number of informal networks of AHSN leads with similar roles have also been established. These include:

  • Patient and public leadership
    Contact: Zenn Athar, PPL project support officer at East Midlands AHSN, [email protected]
  • Informatics
    Contact: Glen Howard, project manager at East Midlands AHSN, [email protected]