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NHS England and NHS Improvement have commissioned the AHSN Network to develop and deliver a National Wound Care Strategy Programme for England (NWCSP).

The purpose of the NWCSP is to scope the development of a wound care national strategy for England that focuses on improving care relating to:


The NWCSP aims to improve the quality of wound care provision across England through developing:

  • National evidence-based recommendations to reduce unwarranted variation, improve safety and optimise patient experience and outcomes;
  • A robust supply and distribution model that enables the right wound care products and intervention therapies to reach the right patient at the right time and in the right quantity;
  • Access to education for healthcare practitioners, patients and carers:
  • Robust ways to gather information so we can measure what is happening and direct efforts to improve care.


The strategy will be designed by working with key partners to:

  • Establish the underlying clinical and economic case for change,
  • Identify the desirable improvements in patient care, and
  • Describe the necessary changes and interventions required to deliver these improvements.


The National Wound Care Strategy Programme is underpinned by some key principles:

  • Wound care should not be viewed as a separate clinical issue but be integrated into care of underlying co-morbidities that cause or contribute to wounding and delayed/ non-healing.
  • Success will depend on recognising and addressing the interdependencies between the different professional groups and services involved in wound care.


The National Wound Care Strategy Programme represents a long-term commitment to improving patient care. Care that is well-organised and evidence-informed can achieve better healing rates, better patient experience and better use of NHS resources.

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Dr Una Adderley, Director of the Wound Care Strategy Programme
Email: [email protected]

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