People are living with wounds for much longer than they should and their care is costing the NHS much more than is needed. Care that is well-organised and research-informed can achieve better  healing rates, better patient experience and better use of NHS resources.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have commissioned the AHSN Network to develop and deliver a National Wound Care Strategy Programme for England.

The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) aims to improve the quality of wound care provision across England through developing pathways of care for priority clinical issues, improving the supply and distribution of wound care products, developing appropriate education for all involved in wound care and developing robust national data information sets to measure performance.

Dr Una Adderley has been seconded to the AHSNs as director of this programme.

Aims of the programme

The NWCSP is focussing on:

  • pressure ulcers
  • lower limb wounds
  • surgical wounds.


The NWCSP aims to develop:

  • national evidence-based clinical standards of care to reduce unwarranted variation, improve safety and optimise patient experience and outcomes
  • a robust supply and distribution model that enables the right wound care products and intervention therapies to reach the right patient at the right time and in the right quantity
  • access to education for healthcare practitioners, patients and carers
  • robust ways to gather information so we can measure what is happening and direct efforts to improve care.


Scoping and developing the strategy started in September 2018 and will take 12 months. Implementation of the strategy is anticipated to take three to five years.

Structure of the NWCSP

The NWCSP consists of seven workstreams overseen by  a Strategy Board.

The purpose of the Stakeholder Council is to ensure  stakeholder engagement informs the emerging strategy.

How to get involved

Email [email protected].  Put ‘National Wound Care Strategy Programme’ in the subject heading and give some detail in the body of the email about yourself.


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