The NWCSP Board oversees the activity of the programme to ensure that the agreed vision and objectives are achieved.

Board objectives include:

  • Providing the overarching governance and decision-making framework for the National Wound Care Strategy Programme.
  • Agreeing overall programme goals, objectives and priorities.
  • Monitoring and managing programme progress and impact.
  • Providing a robust challenge and scrutiny function for the NWCSP, clinical and enabler workstreams and the Stakeholder Council.
  • Managing high-level interdependencies and risks associated with the NWCSP.
  • Strategically identifying, prioritising and allocating programme resources and re-aligning as necessary.
  • Identifying and developing funding and resource plans designed to assist with the delivery of the programme.
  • Overseeing an over-arching effective communications and engagement strategy, sharing key messages with stakeholders as required.
  • Ensuring that clinical and enabler workstreams and Stakeholder Council leads are adequately supported in their work and held to account for the delivery of their responsibilities.




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