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The Stakeholder Council has been established to:

  • Ensure that the work of the Clinical Workstreams and Enabler Workstreams is informed by the views of stakeholders, and
  • Communicate areas of unmet need and thus support innovation to improve patient outcomes and meet NHS need.


The function of the Stakeholder Council is to:

  • Share information about the National Wound Care Strategy Programme
  • Ensure recommendations and guidance developed by the NWCSP workstreams are informed by the views of stakeholders
  • Identify and mitigate against operational risks and issues.


Consultation with stakeholders is through the Stakeholder Forums:

  • Health and Care Professionals Forum
    This Forum is for those responsible for providing professional care to people with wounds, such as clinicians, carers working in private homes or care homes, and those working in organisations that provide care.
  • Supplier Forum
    This Forum is for those employed by an organisation that supplies wound care products.
  • Patient, Carer and Citizens Forum
    This Forum is for people with wounds and those who support them, whether as a partner or other family member, or as a friend. Or for anyone with an interest in wound care who is neither employed as a health or care professional or a wound care supplier.


If you would like to get involved with the National Wound Care Strategy, please sign up to a Stakeholder Forum here.

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