The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP)  is seeking expressions of interest from organisations interested in implementing the NWCSP Lower Limb Recommendations.
Expressions of interest are invited from local healthcare organisations on behalf of their local health care organisation partners. It will be for these organisations to consider which organisation is the most appropriate organisation to respond – whether this be STP, ICS, Trust or CCG (although it should be noted that we are seeking a statement of support from all local partners involved).
We hope to recruit around three sites into the 1st tranche.
In identifying an implementation partner, we are keen to encourage sites to work with a support partner that has skills in supporting models of service improvement (such as the local AHSN).
The aim will be to develop regional expertise that can be applied to support further tranches of implementation.
The funding that will be made available to support the 1st tranche sites is designed to contribute to the costs of implementation but will not cover all upfront costs that will be incurred.  However, the case for delivering cash releasing and non-cash releasing benefits is a compelling one.
We hosted a webinar aimed at local NHS organisations on 19th October and this recording can be found here.  The webinar included a Q+A session covering the application process and further details can be found here.
We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send their expressions of interest to become a 1st Tranche Implementation Site.
For information, the timetable for the next steps are as follows:
1.       Review of all applications and assessment against the criteria (by 7th December 2020)
2.       Update applicants of outcome  (by 11th December 2020)
3.       Successful applicants will then be asked to attend a virtual meeting in January 2021 to present their case  (Date TBC)
If you have any immediate queries, please contact



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