precept logo hands smallThe PReCePT Programme is a quality improvement project designed to reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy through the administration of magnesium sulphate to eligible preterm mothers across England.

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The use of magnesium sulphate is still recommended and here are a few things to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PReCePT QI Toolkit (PDF – 41 pages)

This Quality Improvement (QI) Toolkit contains all the documents you will need to understand, plan and implement PReCePT in your maternity unit. Based on the success of the initial PReCePT project, some of the documents are categorised below as ‘essential’ for successful implementation, others are ‘strongly recommended’ and some are ‘optional’.

PReCePT Programme Implementation Guide

This is a guide to support the implementation of PReCePT (the administration of magnesium sulphate in preterm labour) at unit and AHSN level.

PReCePT Clinical Guideline Flow Chart

This is a brief step by step flow chart to support assessment and decision making in clinical practice.

PReCePT Magnesium Sulphate Quick Reference Poster

For display in clinical areas.

PReCePT Management of Preterm Labour Proforma

For the capture of clinical management for use in maternity unit patient records and women’s handheld notes.

PReCePT Magnet Instructions

PReCePT Infographic Poster

This poster can be displayed in the unit to inform and engage staff and visitors on magnesium sulphate provision.

PReCePT Think Magnesium Too Poster

This is a poster to prompt the consideration of magnesium sulphate in preterm labour.

Magnesium Sulphate Parent Leaflet

Information leaflet explaining magnesium sulphate as protection against cerebral palsy.

Quality Improvement Learning Log (PDF)

This is a log to record improvement activity, carried out during the implementation phase.

Quality Improvement Learning Log (Word)

Midwife Lead Role

This role description outlines the role of the midwife in the maternity and neonatal unit.

Regional Neonatal Lead Role

This outlines the neonatal lead role at AHSN/Operational Delivery Network level.

Obstetrician Lead Role

This is a key leadership role within the maternity and neonatal unit.

PReCePT Dashboard – How Are We Doing?

This document is used to record your data and will provide infographics that can be displayed to inform and engage staff on magnesium sulphate provision.

PReCePT Dashboard – How Are We Doing? (no training data)

This is the same as the resource above but no longer includes data on staff training. Use this dashboard once you come to the end of your funded PReCePT programme.

Supplier information for ordering PReCePT products

Magnesium sulphate BadgerNet instructions

Tracking and amending magnesium sulphate administration for <30 weeks babies in BadgerNet.

PReCePT core training presentation (PowerPoint)

Presentation slides with speaker notes.

Specialist Pharmacy Service: guidance on in use safety of intravenous magnesium sulphate