The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) seeks to improve the care of wounds. The unwarranted variation in UK wound care services offers major opportunities to improve healing rates and reduce patient suffering, spend on inappropriate and ineffective treatments and the amount of clinical time spent on wound care.

The purpose of the NWCSP is to scope the development of a wound care national strategy for England that focuses on improving care relating to Pressure Ulcers, Lower Limb Ulcers and Surgical Wounds.

The strategy is being designed by working with key partners to establish the underlying clinical and economic case for change, identify the desirable improvements in patient care and describe the necessary changes and interventions required to deliver these improvements.

Our vision is to develop recommendations which support excellence in the standards of care that relate to preventing, assessing and treating people with chronic wounds to optimise healing and minimise the burden of wounds for patients, carers and health and care providers.

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