• Amanda Risino

    National Director for Adoption and Spread

  • Catherine Dale

    Deputy Coordination Director

  • Claire Portsmouth

    Director of Communications and Engagement

  • Laura Semple

    Director for National Programmes

  • Stuart Monk

    National Programme Director – Rapid Uptake Products and MedTech Funding Mandate

  • Charlotte Walton

    AHSN Network Strategy Director and Interim National Coordination Director

  • Dr Cheryl Crocker

    AHSN Network Patient Safety Director

  • Nicole McGlennon

    Managing Director, East Midlands AHSN

  • Tim Robinson

    Commercial Director, East Midlands AHSN

  • Piers Ricketts

    Chief Executive, Eastern AHSN

  • Dr Louise Jopling

    Commercial Director, Eastern AHSN

  • Ben Bridgewater

    Chief Executive, Health Innovation Manchester

  • Richard Deed

    Associate Commercial Director, Health Innovation Manchester

  • Rishi Das-Gupta

    Chief Executive, Health Innovation Network (South London)

  • Anna King

    Commercial Director, Health Innovation Network (South London)

  • Mark Kewley

    Director of Strategy, Imperial College Health Partners

  • Danny Bosch

    Associate Director of Business Development and Commercial, Imperial College Health Partners

  • Dr Des Holden

    Chief Executive Officer, Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN

  • Nuala Foley

    Portfolio Lead Commercial and Partnerships, Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN

  • Dr Nicola Hutchinson

    Chief Executive Officer, AHSN North East and North Cumbria

  • Russ Watkins

    Commercial Director, Innovation, Economic Growth & NENC Ecosystem, AHSN North East and North Cumbria

  • Dr Phil Jennings

    Chief Executive, Innovation Agency North West Coast

  • Mike Kenny

    Interim Co-Director of Enterprise and Growth, Innovation Agency North West Coast

  • Lindsay Sharples

    Interim Co-Director of Enterprise and Growth, Innovation Agency North West Coast

  • James Rose

    Commercial Director, Oxford AHSN

  • Professor Gary Ford

    Chair, The AHSN Network / Chief Executive Officer, Oxford AHSN

  • Jon Siddall

    Chief Executive Officer, South West AHSN

  • Judith Stewart

    Interim Commercial Director Designate, South West AHSN

  • Dr Chris Laing

    Chief Executive Officer, UCLPartners

  • Suzanne Ali-Hassan

    Director of Enterprise, UCLPartners

  • Bill Gillespie

    Chief Executive, Wessex AHSN

  • Frank Ratcliff

    Director of Industry and Innovation, Wessex AHSN

  • Tim Jones

    Acting Chief Officer

  • Alex Leach

    Acting Director of Innovation and Growth, West of England AHSN

  • Natasha Swinscoe

    Chief Executive Officer, West of England AHSN

  • Richard Stubbs

    Chief Executive, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN / Vice Chair, AHSN Network

  • Dr Neville Young

    Director of Enterprise & Innovation, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN