How the AHSNs are supporting Reset

England’s Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) have a unique role within the health and care system, acting as a catalyst and driver for innovation and transformation. We bring people, resources and organisations together quickly to identify and spread health innovation at pace and scale for the benefit of patients, the health and care system, and the wider economy. As a result, we see driving and supporting Reset as a fundamental part of our role: something which is vitally important to the future of the health and care system, an unprecedented opportunity to drive health and care innovation, and an area where the AHSN Network’s unique structure and approach can add significant value.

For this reason we have formed our AHSN Network Reset Campaign, aiming to support and drive Reset across England’s health and care system. This national campaign will bring together work being conducted by individual AHSNs and the wider Network that identifies, evaluates, and seeks to sustain positive changes and rapid innovation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and which are relevant to the future.

Across the country, all 15 AHSNs are working closely with their local health and care systems to support and drive Reset.  Many insights and learnings are arising from this work, and we will collate and promote these at a national level, sharing them across the Network and in turn the country’s health and care system wherever possible. At a national level, in addition to bringing together local activity taking place across the Network, we will explore some of the large overarching topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as culture change, digital transformation and public and patient involvement (PPI).

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer of the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, and one of the AHSN Network Chief Officers leading the AHSN Network’s Reset campaign said:We see Reset as an important part of our role in driving innovation across England’s Health and Care System. We’ve seen a wealth of recent rapid changes in the way we deliver care and fundamentally the way the health system and its workforce functions. We now have a time-limited opportunity before us and need to work quickly to identify and evaluate these changes and sustain the ones we expect to deliver value in the future before we slip back into the ways of working and ways of delivering care we were all familiar with before the pandemic. 

“Individual AHSNs are in prime position to support Reset in partnership with their local systems and drive sustainability of these changes, whilst harnessing the power of the national AHSN Network to ensure insights and learnings are shared across the network and are in turn adopted across the country. Through our combined local and national reset activity, we hope to advance and map out the future direction towards a more innovative health and care system.”

As part of our work on Reset we have partnered with NHS Confederation and the Health Foundation in support of the NHS Reset campaign. The collaboration will build on the knowledge, expertise and local/national reach of the three organisations and focus on how the health and care sector can work with staff, patients and the public to understand, translate and adapt the best of COVID-19-related innovations and initiatives into everyday practice – maintaining momentum, sharing what’s working and improving people’s care.

In the coming weeks and months we are planning a series of reports, webinars, blogs and news stories following our ongoing work around Reset. Please keep checking the AHSN Network website to keep up-to-date on our latest work and opportunities to get involved.