The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust developed the clinical pathways and accompanying slide packs to support staff providing care for care home residents in phase one of COVID. These documents were produced with care home colleagues input.
In addition, skin tear clinical care boxes were provided to care homes with the clinical equipment that staff would need to use.
Care home teams welcomed the initiative and ongoing support was provided which includes a delivery service for clinical equipment when this is needed.
The Ambulance service was informed of the initiative and if their staff attend a care home they can access the treatment box which may prevent an admission to an emergency department.
Feedback has been positive from the care homes, in addition district nurses who are visiting care homes. Care home staff have responded positively to their new role in wound care with the support of the district nursing teams.
Work is still ongoing to understand the impact of the changes made, one measure a reduction in the number of care home residents visiting the emergency department.



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