“The deployment of Nervecentre software means that we can reduce the burden of paperwork for nurses and clinicians, releasing more time to spend with patients. The use of mobile technology also allows doctors and nurses to have all the tools and information at hand to be able to respond rapidly and effectively to deteriorating patients.”
Heather McClelland, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Paul Volkaerts

Paul founded Nervecentre software in 2010 to address a gap in the market of strong clinical collaboration tools. His aim was to improve hospital communication in order to reduce delays in patient care and inefficiencies. Nervecentre software provides a whole hospital platform that delivers electronic observations, handover, task management and clinical assessments; and allows governance and escalation management to be added to any hospital process.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Paul has focused on creating a compelling case for mobile technology – as a platform for safer, more efficient health care by:

  • Applying Nervecentre to critical NHS challenges in both patient safety (e.g. sepsis) and operational efficiency (e.g. the emergency department)
  • Building the evidence base for Nervecentre
  • Raising the profile through a range of mechanisms including winning a number of patient safety awards.

NIA nervecentre 20000


While on the NIA, eight additional NHS organisations have adopted Nervecentre and more than 20,000 nurses and doctors now use Nervecentre daily in the NHS. Evaluation has shown that Nervecentre reduces unplanned admissions (£1 million savings per year), improves nurse efficiency  and allows doctors to spend more time with their patients (from 2.9% to 7.3%). Nervecentre was also named fourteenth fastest growing technology company in the UK by Deloitte.

Useful contact

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