“This is a great service, so well designed. I wish we had it last month, might have stopped me going to hospital.”
Patient testimonial

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Bernadette Porter

NeuroResponse is a service model that gives people with multiple sclerosis more control over their care. It includes a telephone triage/ advice line staffed by specialist nurses, email advice services for GPs, and a video clinic linking a specialist’s neurology team with the patient and local clinical team. Using the telephone triage service, patients and staff can discuss physical, mental and social care needs, agree care plans and share information.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Bernadette has included a focus on:

  • Building the clinical and economic evidence base for NeuroResponse
  • Developing an emergency response service and unique testing kit for patients with suspected urinary tract infections – avoiding the need for a hospital visit and giving people more control over their care
  • Offering 24/7 telephone triage and assessment services as the first specialist neurology hub for NHS 111 in collaboration with all London CCGs and the UK MS Society
  • Engaging with Yorkshire and Humber AHSN to determine how to test and refine NeuroResponse in a rural area
  • Creating governance frameworks for data sharing and workforce.

Bernadette now has evidence to show a 22% health improvement (using the EQ5D5L measure) for those using NeuroResponse with savings of £2,500 per patient per relapse compared to standard NHS care. More recently, Bernadette has begun working with NIA innovation, Patients Know Best as a platform for NeuroResponse. She has also secured £420,000 to support wider adoption.

Useful contact

Twitter: @NeuroResponse