“When I received the diagnosis of breast cancer my world was turned upside down. In addition to treatment plans, examinations and results there was so much anguish and sadness. OWise creates order in this chaos and keeps it that way. It is truly a fantastic support.”
Patient testimonial

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Anne Bruinvels

OWise is the first mobile app and website to offer people with breast cancer personalised medical information throughout their treatment. Designed by Anne Bruinvels, OWise allows people to record in real time their experiences, including side effects and overall quality of life, and collates for research purposes fully anonymised patient-reported data with a view to improving clinical outcomes for cancer.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Anne has included a focus on:

  • Building relationships and networks with UK-based clinicians, charity and patient organisations to adapt and refine OWise
  • Preparing OWise and marketing materials for its UK launch
  • Working with charities to support the dissemination of OWise
  • Securing funding for the ongoing scaling of OWise.

The English version of OWise breast cancer was launched in the UK in February 2016. It is already being recommended by a number of clinical centres, and 400 people have downloaded the UK version of the app. Anne has been working with Macmillan Cancer Support who are promoting OWise to its supporter base.

Since joining the NIA, OWise has received a coveted European eHealth grant, which enabled the organisation to further strengthen its team and expand its reach. OWise recently had a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research – Cancer, endorsing the use of OWise as a shared decision making tool.

Useful contact

Visit the website for more information.

Twitter: @OWise_uk