“Very few doctors properly understand my condition so going to an unfamiliar medical team can be terrifying. With Patients Know Best, it’s very reassuring that I can reach my entire medical team anywhere in the world - this makes me feel far more independent.”  

NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Lloyd Humphries

Patients Know Best (PKB) enables patients to hold all their medical information in a single record owned by them. This single record puts the patient at the centre of their care, empowering their health network and challenging traditional models of care. With patients able to invite anyone they wish to see their profile, they can construct a strong and comprehensive care network best suited to them, made up of diverse clinical teams, friends and family able to support out of hospital care.

Progress made through the NIA

NIA PKR 52During the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA), Lloyd has included a focus on:

  • Creating a compelling case for the adoption of PKB across a range of sites: hospitals, CCGs, social care, specialist centres and health economies
  • Contributing to national discussions on the role of Personal Health Records with NHS England, NHS Digital and Public Health England including how to share consent across organisation boundaries
  • Building partnerships with organisations who share PKB’s vision and bring complementary skills to the challenge of scaling including charities, other NIA innovations, and private companies
  • Securing funding to support the continued scaling of PKB.

Since joining the NIA, PKB has developed 52 new services, equating to a 58% growth in the number of sites using the platform. More than 217,000 additional patient records have been created. PKB has also won a series of impressive awards including: EU eHealth Champion 2015 and the 2016 Healthcare Tech and You Award.


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Twitter: @Lloyd_Humph