“The East Midlands AHSN have helped us gather our ideas about our product and have opened doors for us to meet senior healthcare stakeholders we wouldn’t have met otherwise. We were extremely pleased to win the Medilink East Midland’s Award for Delivering Innovation in Healthcare – which the East Midlands AHSN sponsored.”
Nadine Miles, Director of Market Development

Spirit Health’s multi-award-winning digital health platform, CliniTouch Vie, delivers remote patient monitoring, patient education and self-management. Spirit empowers patients living with long-term conditions to take control of their health. Through education and ongoing clinical support, users of CliniTouch Vie are able to self-manage their conditions with more confidence. By digitally connecting patients with their clinical teams, clinicians can monitor their health, spot signs of deterioration and intervene sooner to prevent emergency admissions.

CliniTouch Vie also enables patients in acute hospital wards to be discharged sooner, enabling them to recover in their own homes whilst extending hospital capacity. The platform can be used to support multiple conditions and pathways through virtual wards and remote monitoring, including COPD, heart failure services, COVID-19, frailty and more.

East Midlands AHSN started working with Spirit in 2018 as part of the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator programme. Initially, the support focused on how CliniTouch Vie could support COPD patients to manage their condition with more confidence, through education and access to local air quality data.

Through the Digital Health Accelerator, which offers tailored support to digital health innovators, Spirit received guidance on:

  • Developing their messaging and proposition
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Group development sessions with other companies
  • Access and exposure to healthcare professionals and stakeholders at high profile and targeted events
  • Funding applications.

Having joined the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator in 2018, Spirit and its CliniTouch Vie platform have grown from strength to strength. That same year, they received a six-figure funded grant from the European Space Agency to integrate real-time air quality data into CliniTouch Vie. Since then, Spirit have launched new digitised pathways and supported a number of NHS organisations to deliver brilliant virtual care in the fight against COVID-19.

The Challenge

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust experienced two significant surges in COVID-19 infections and unscheduled admissions. The Trust experienced unprecedented capacity issues whilst operating with a reduced workforce, due to staff falling ill and isolating.

Spirit quickly built and implemented a new virtual ward to avert a potential crisis in patient flow and system capacity. The platform enabled COVID-19 patients in the early stages of recovery to be safely discharged into the community and to be remotely monitored by their clinical team.

The service achieved brilliant results:

COVID-19 Supported Discharge and Oxygen Weaning:

  • 288 hospital bed days saved from O2 weaned patients (January – April 2021)
  • 50% reduction in readmissions for COVID-19 patients discharged with digital support (November 2020 – May 2021)
  • 40.3% reduction in the average length of stay when using the COVID virtual ward, from 5.5 to 3.3 days (Swift et al, 2021)
How is the AHSN involved?

The support of the East Midlands AHSN has been crucial to the development and ongoing success of both Spirit and their CliniTouch Vie platform.

From the very beginning, expert advice and mentoring helped to refine the focus, with the ultimate aim of increasing the spread of CliniTouch Vie within the NHS. From refining messaging and acting as a sounding board to developing the product, the East Midlands AHSN have helped Spirit to grow and scale rapidly in the past four years.

As well as receiving in-depth guidance and access to expertise, the team at Spirit have also benefited from exposure to healthcare professionals and stakeholders at high profile and targeted events. Since winning the Medilink East Midlands Award for Delivering Innovation in Health & Care in 2018, Spirit have added to their trophy cabinet a number of times, including:

  • Advances in Digital Healthcare and Outstanding Achievement, Medilink Midlands Business Awards, 2022
  • Best COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Solution, Health Tech Digital, 2021
  • Supporting Healthcare Teams Through Technology, Forward Healthcare Awards, 2021
  • Collaboration with the NHS, Medilink Healthcare Business Awards, 2020

All of these opportunities have provided Spirit with exposure and a platform to highlight CliniTouch Vie – which would have been far more difficult to achieve without the support of the AHSN.

The ongoing support from the East Midlands AHSN is also helping Spirit introduce remote monitoring to hundreds of care homes as part of the pandemic response. EMAHSN helped connect Derbyshire Joined Up Care with Spirit and will be supporting the evaluation of the project.

Impacts / outcomes of AHSN involvement to date

Since working with East Midlands AHSN, Spirit have:

  • Seen rapid growth in sales and secured multiple contracts with NHS Trusts
  • CliniTouch Vie has seen over 20,000 patient interactions through its platform, helping patients to self-manage their condition, improving clinical outcomes, and helping users to grow in confidence
  • Developed new pathways for COVID-19, Heart Failure and Care Homes
  • Rebranded with a fresh new look that better reflects their unique identity
  • Won a number of awards from distinguished organisations.
Plans / timescales for adoption and spread

The next 12 months are set to be an exciting period of growth for Spirit, with ambitious plans to expand the use of CliniTouch Vie.

Spirit’s product engineering teams are working on continuous improvements to the platform, whilst a robust technology roadmap will explore new features including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and gamification for episodic and long-term care.

The overall goal is to improve outcomes for even more patients, partner with more NHS organisations to ease the strain on clinical teams, and generate significant cost savings through the use of technology-enabled care.

Spirit will continue to work closely with the East Midlands AHSN to drive further stakeholder engagement and continue to increase the visibility of our product to key NHS buyers.

Opportunities to get involved

Spirit’s remote monitoring platform, CliniTouch Vie, is already being used by many clinical teams across the country – but they are determined to support even more healthcare teams and make a real difference to thousands of patients living with chronic conditions.

The platform is incredibly flexible and versatile, with the capability to work with any pathway, any patient at any time.

Start and end dates:

2017 – ongoing.

Media contact for further information:

Bruce Adams
+44 116 286 5000

Julie Warren
Communications manager
East Midlands Academic Health Science Network
07929 750930