AHSN patient safety work showcased in national awards

Five AHSNs (East Midlands, Imperial College Health Partners, Innovation Agency, Oxford and West of England) have made it through to the finals of the HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2019, which recognise, reward and thank the hardworking teams and individuals who are improving healthcare outcomes for patients. The next round of judging takes place in early […]

How do the AHSNs support healthcare innovation?

The AHSNs are catalysts working to create the conditions needed to facilitate change across whole health and social care economies. We spread innovation at pace and scale to achieve our goals of improving health, driving down the cost of care and stimulating economic growth. ‘Bridging the gap’ between health providers, commissioners and industry, the AHSN […]

Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects announced by HDRUK

As part of the Digital Innovation Hub programme, Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) has announced 10 ‘Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects’, three of which are being led or supported by AHSNs: Health Innovation Manchester, Eastern AHSN and the Innovation Agency. These innovative data solutions to healthcare challenges are set to receive a share of £3 million […]

Review highlights potential bigger role for specialist trusts

A new report by two leaders from the AHSN Network, Dr Liz Mear and Dr Charlie Davie, outlines how high performing specialist trusts have the potential to do more to benefit the wider NHS. A review of around one-third of England’s 21 specialist trusts looked at why they consistently score higher than their counterparts in ratings […]

New innovation case studies published on Atlas

Five new case studies have been published on the AHSN Network’s Atlas of Solutions in Healthcare, showcasing an exciting range of proven innovations benefiting patients and supporting clinicians around the country. The Tookie Vest The Tookie Vest is a patient and clinician driven innovation, designed to support patients fitted with a Central Venous Catheter (CVC) undergoing […]

Join us at the Science Museum to celebrate all things medical

On Wednesday 25 July, AHSNs will be taking part in the Science Museum ‘Medicine’ themed Lates – a free, adults-only, after-hours theme night that will highlight all things medical, from the 70th anniversary of the NHS to the 50th anniversary of the first liver and heart transplants, as well as a whole host of exciting exhibits that examine how […]

Unique role and dramatic impact of AHSNs

The AHSN Network is proud to present a new video showcasing the unique role and wide-ranging impact of England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). Told in the words of key stakeholders and partners, it sums up in less than 4 minutes how the AHSN Network is enabling the faster spread and adoption of innovation into […]

What is innovation? Dr Liz Mear has it in the bag

Identifying innovations which have a real impact on health is part of our role in England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks; we help to spread the successful ones, whether systems, processes or products. There are countless new technologies and systems being developed which will transform the way we deliver care. Sometimes, they are modest in […]

If we knew then what we know now: AHSN leaders reflect

In a new blog for the UK Improvement Alliance, a network of organisations dedicated to improving health and healthcare, three AHSN leaders, Guy Boersma, MD, Kent Surrey and Sussex AHSN Deborah Evans, MD, West of England AHSN and Dr Liz Mear, Chief Executive, the Innovation Agency (North West Coast) reflect on the learning and experience […]

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