A note from our Vice Chair

In 2019, the AHSN Network made key pledges to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and innovation. Our pledges, adopted by all 15 AHSNs, have guided us to embed diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our organisations and our work. I promised in our first report to tell the story of what we have achieved as a result of our pledges. This new report is part of that promise. But it is also a call to action to our NHS partners, government, and our innovation and life sciences industries to join us in the mission we have instigated, collaborate with us, and adopt and adapt our pledges for your own innovation programmes.

Hear more about why greater diversity in innovation is more important than ever in my blog.

The work that we have done together over the last two years has undoubtedly had real impact on improving the way that we serve our patient and innovator communities. We have no intention of ending this journey of progress. But we now want to open the invitation to join us and create a movement that can be owned and progressed by the wider UK innovation and research communities.  You can see our new equality, diversity and inclusion pledges and actions here.

A few examples of the learning case studies that we have gathered through this approach can also be accessed using the links below.

You can access a PDF of our report here: Diversity and innovation progress and learning report – reflecting on and continuing our mission.

Richard Stubbs
Vice Chair of the AHSN Network, Chief Executive Officer of Yorkshire and Humber AHSN and AHSN Network Diversity and Inclusion group lead

Sharing our learnings

Access learning case studies from the report below: