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Our current series focuses on products being fast tracked into the NHS through the Rapid Uptake Products programme, which is delivered by the AHSN Network. Listen now on Audioboom, Spotify and Apple.

  • How a heart attack saved a young mum’s life

Ciara Wannop discusses how having a heart attack while pregnant saved her life, flagging a potentially fatal genetic condition. Hear her story and how we’re helping to prevent similar traumas.

  • ‘Game changer’ for severe asthma sufferers 

In this episode hear from severe asthma sufferer Jo Beechcroft about her life changing treatment and Hitasha Rupani, Consultant Respiratoryy Physician on how we’re accelerating uptake of a newer type of treatment alongside their usual asthma medicines. These are known as monoclonal antibodies, also referred to as biologics.

  • How a new test is improving asthma care

Clinicians underestimated the severity of Emma Thompson’s asthma attacks until she used the FeNO breathing test. In this episode, hear from Emma and Carol Stonham, Senior Nurse Practitioner and Executive Chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society.

  • SecuraCath – improving patient safety and experience

In this episode host Dr Phil Jennings talks to Clinical Interventions Lead Nurse Carol McCormick of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust about SecuraCath, a device which secures central venous catheters without requiring sutures or adhesives and is now supported for wider NHS adoption through the MedTech Funding Mandate.

  • How GammaCore zaps away excruciating headaches

In this episode we hear from sufferer Andreea Duca who says her life was saved by GammaCore – and from a neurologist who is the UK’s biggest prescriber of the device, Dr Nick Silver of The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Can we improve perinatal mental health?

In this episode, our host Dr Hasan Chowhan talks to Dr Sushma Sundaresh, a Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist in Bromley to investigate how mental health issues can affect new parents, with a particular focus on the importance of addressing health inequalities.

  • HeartFlow – reducing time, costs and uncertainty

A system which can analyse a CT scan of a heart within four hours is helping patients to avoid unnecessary procedures and clinicians to quickly identify the right treatment. In this episode, Dr Phil Jennings visits the first centre to use HeartFlow, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to meet Consultant Cardiologist Dr Tim Fairbairn.

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