In April 2017, NHS England launched the Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT) in partnership with AHSNs so that NHS sites in their regions have access to and can benefit from the latest innovations.

The programme aims to remove financial barriers to the uptake of innovative products into the NHS to improve care for patients.

The five innovations on the ITT will continue to be available during 2019/20 on three different cost models.

The innovations  on the ITT that care providers can order directly from the supplier at no cost are:

Non-Injectable Arterial Connector Implementation

An arterial connecting system to reduce bacterial contamination and the accidental administration of medication.

PneuX (ITT)

A pneumonia prevention system, which is designed to stop ventilator-associated pneumonia.


A web-based application for the self-management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The innovation to be reimbursed based on the number of uses is:

EpiScissors-60 (ITT)

Guided mediolateral episiotomy scissors to minimise the risk of obstetric injury.

The innovation provided at the same cost as current procedures is:

Urolift (ITT)

An alternative surgical procedure that can be performed as a day case for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a common and chronic condition where the enlarged prostate can make it difficult for a man to pass urine.


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