With its clear focus on providing fast patient access to transformative treatments and technologies, the launch of the new and boosted Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) has been warmly welcomed by the AHSN Network.

AHSNs are key delivers of the AAC, which has been expanded to fast-track ground-breaking treatments and technologies that can tackle key health issues such as cancer, dementia and obesity.

England’s 15 AHSNs operate as the innovation arm of the NHS.

They are playing a central role in the AAC, both by supporting the local uptake of the technologies and by helping to identify the next generation of innovations that can be considered for future adoption by the AAC.

Chair of the AHSN Network, Dr Séamus O’Neill said: “We welcome the formation of the new, enhanced Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC).

“This initiative is key to supporting the increased uptake of new technologies and medicines – and we are particularly excited by the potential to simplify the pathway to getting innovations more quickly into the NHS for direct patient care.

“The AHSNs have a central role to play, focusing around our ability to work across all sectors to unlock the game-changing potential of innovation.

“We are uniquely placed to understand the needs of our local health systems, and through our national collaboration we can support rapid widespread adoption of innovation across England.

“We look forward to working even more closely with the AAC and with our partners in the NHS, government and industry to deliver the next generation of technologies and medicines for patients.”