The AHSNs have a dual regional and national focus. We deliver local work programmes based on the needs of our regional systems and collectively drive programmes that tackle national priorities and are expected to have a universal impact at scale.

This report focuses on our national work and impact. To learn more about the activity of individual AHSNs in different parts of the country, visit the individual AHSN websites.

AHSNs discovering, developing and testing innovations in their area provides a pipeline of innovations for potential adoption and spread in other regions. Our connected network approach enables us to share our learnings and expertise.

In 2020-21, we started to deliver our new national adoption and spread programmes:


From 2018-2020 we delivered a number of national adoption and spread programmes. We continued to measure and monitor these as we put foundations in place to support the system to self-sustain:


Read more about our impacts below or visit the impact report main page AHSN Network Impact Report 2020-2021: