As living and working during the pandemic becomes the norm, the AHSN Network has published a collection of wellbeing resources to help with your physical and mental wellbeing and that of your teams.

The resource pack is full of advice, tips and fun exercises anyone can try.

Featuring a curated selection of resources from AHSN and Patient Safety Collaborative teams, the pack includes sections on:

  • Mindfulness: some wonderful tips, including a guide to 30 days of mindfulness.
  • Mental health: coping methods for staying calm in a pandemic, tools for emotional resilience, a look at pandemic flux syndrome, as well as a fun way of scaling your mood.
  • Body movement: simple Pilates exercises, gym-free exercise options, and workouts you can do at your desk or in your living room.
  • Staying well: offers social distancing advice and self-help guides.
  • Finding support: includes support for psychological wellbeing and guidance for line managers supporting the mental wellbeing of their team.

Further information can found be in the resource pack.

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