Championing diversity in innovation and NHS systems

We work to ensure that the transformation of our health service reduces the health inequality gap – addressing deep-rooted structural disadvantages and ensuring we can better serve all communities.

We will achieve this by supporting diverse innovators with solutions, the spread of EDI best practice, and shaping systems to ensure diverse voices are heard.

The AHSN Network’s diversity pledges

In September 2019, we signed up to a series of pledges. These pledges demonstrate our national commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture through our work.

Most importantly, we’re holding ourselves accountable to the way we identify and nurture innovations, and the innovators behind them.

The AHSN Network pledges, updated in June 2022, are based on the principles that:

  • EDI is fundamental to our core values, ensuring a positive and supportive culture, where all staff and communities feel empowered and respected
  • Empowering and supporting our staff to be positive role models for EDI is essential to reach our collective ambition
  • Our work aims to benefit all communities and reduce health inequalities, supporting Core20PLUS5 and other equality initiatives

NHS Innovation Accelerator

If you have an innovation that champions diversity and works to address health inequalities, you could benefit from the NHS Innovation Accelerator.