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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Wessex AHSN has worked with local member organisations to capture learning about the changes being made as part of the pandemic response. The AHSN created a rapid insight team to undertake a number of virtual workshops with local systems and organisations to help them identify what changes to maintain and develop in the longer term, when the NHS moves into the reset and recovery phase.

The programme is jointly funded through Q by The Health Foundation and NHS England and NHS Improvement.

In response to the initial challenges of COVID-19, primary, community and secondary care services moved to rapidly implement and adopt ways to support patients remotely through technology. The insight team conducted a rapid case study with North and Mid Hampshire Integrated Care Partnership to understand the use of remote consultations, the experiences of staff and patients and what influences decisions to pivot between remote and face to face consultations. Find out more about this case study.

Faced with the risk of NHS hospitals being overwhelmed by the casualties from the pandemic and the heightened risk of inpatients contracting the virus, North and Mid Hampshire Integrated Care Partnership ‘revolutionised’ the way patients are discharged from hospital. Some insights into how the system achieved this, and how the changes were experienced by staff and patients, can be found in this rapid case study.

Wessex AHSN has also brought together the findings from seven rapid insight workshops held in Wessex to explore how systems have responded in an adaptive way to COVID-19. Find out more in their latest report: Adaptive leadership and responses to the COVID-19 challenge in health and care.