The AHSN Network’s real-world evaluation programme aims to help innovators work with adopting organisations to secure the rapid rollout of new products.

The AHSN Network aims to ensure that innovators perform high-quality, relevant real-world evaluations that:

  • demonstrate the value of a new product in real-world settings (outside of a controlled research environment)
  • help organisations to implement new technology as easily as possible by building on learnings from previous rollouts in other organisations.


Read the AHSN Network guide: Real-World Evaluation to facilitate adoption at scale.

Image of front cover of real world evaluation guide.  Text reads Real-world evaluation to facilitate adoption at scale. The cover shows a Black female in a meeting in business wear.

Some AHSNs have an ‘in-house’ ability to deliver this work, but many work with providers in the academic and private sectors to offer this service.

If you have an innovation that you believe can improve outcomes for patients in the UK and would like advice on conducting real-world evaluations, contact your local AHSN.