The NHS Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme went live on 1 April 2018. Four innovations will be fast-tracked into use through the programme, supported by the AHSN Network. One of these is ENDOCUFF VISION®.

ENDOCUFFInnovation type: diagnostic device

A distal device that fits onto the end of a colonoscope, providing increased flexibility and stability during a colonoscopy procedure.

Challenge/problem identified

Bowel cancer remains the second largest cause of cancer-related mortality in the UK.
Improving the adenoma detection rate (ADR) and cancer detection through increased colonoscopy performance brings patient benefits, and earlier diagnosis of cancer is also associated with lower healthcare costs (Cancer Research UK 2014).
A 1% improvement in ADR is associated with a 3% reduction in Colorectal Cancer (CRC), while a higher ADR is linked with lower CRC mortality (Corley et al 2014).

The solution

ENDOCUFF VISION® is a class 1, sterile, single-use medical device. It fits securely around the tip of a compatible colonoscope and contains a single set of flexible hinged arms that once attached form a ring around the head of the colonoscope.
During colonoscope insertion, the arms of the device lie flat against the colonoscope, enabling easy passage of the instrument through the colon. When it is withdrawn, the arms fan out, which straightens and flattens the colon. This may help to:

  • Visualise any lesions on the proximal side of colonic folds
  • Keep the colonoscope centred within the lumen to provide a panoramic view of the colon
  • Control withdrawal to avoid sudden slip back, ensuring the complete mucosal surface is examined
  • Control the tip of the colonoscope to support therapeutic procedures
  • Manage/straighten out loops during examination.

In a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (RCT), these advantages were shown to improve outcomes for patients.


ENDOCUFF VISION® demonstrated in a multi-centre RCT an increase in detection of adenomas and cancers compared to standard colonoscopy.

ENDOCUFF VISION® demonstrated a statistically significant 4.7% absolute increase in ADR compared to standard colonoscopy and a statistically significant absolute increase in cancer detection of 1.8% (p=0.02).

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Sandra Daly:

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