We are committed to increasing diversity in health and care innovation.

The way that we develop and adopt innovation and technology must also be based around our core mission to serve all our population, and to ensure that the transformation of our health service reduces, and not widens, health inequalities.

Supporting diversity allows the innovation landscape and NHS to better reflect the communities we serve and in turn, enabling diversity and inclusion are imperative to understanding and addressing health inequalities.

As a Network, we have committed to a set of diversity pledges to hold ourselves to account for the way we identify and nurture innovations, and the innovators behind them. They ensure we consider all members of our communities when establishing new approaches.

The AHSN Network’s diversity pledges

In September 2019, the AHSN Network signed up to a series of pledges, demonstration our national commitment to the diversity and inclusion agenda.

The AHSN Network pledges include committing to:

  • Implementing a recognised process to self-assess and improve equality performance in each of our organisations
  • Empowering and supporting staff to be positive role models for equality and diversity
  • Understanding the impact of our work on all members of our communities and ensuring our work reflects the equality and diversity within these communities.


Find out more about our diversity and innovation work from Richard Stubbs, Vice Chair of the AHSN Network and Chief Executive of Yorkshire and Humber AHSN.