The AHSN Network AI (Artificial Intelligence) Initiative works to improve the quality of people’s lives and address urgent challenges faced by the health and care system.

We believe in creating better, safer and more sustainable healthcare through innovation in technology.

We are 40 core leaders with diverse perspectives on AI. Our expertise spans clinical, technological, legal and ethical areas as well as practical on-the-ground experience from innovators in the NHS. We are hosted by Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN, who are working towards our goals for the whole of England.

Innovation through collaboration

We support the market development and spread of Internet of Things, Machine Learning and AI technology by strengthening collaboration between citizens, industry, academia and the health and care sector.

The programme looks to work with everyone who wants to bring the benefits of AI into health and social care and incorporates user-driven design into all development and deployment.

Over time, it will develop and evolve as a mutually beneficial and self-sustaining ecosystem of leaders and innovators committed to using artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to transform health and social care.

We will help the UK become the leader in an entirely new market, drawing on the assets of our world class universities, our market leading AI SMEs (around 50% of global AI SMEs are UK-based) and our comprehensive NHS health dataset.

State of the nation

New technologies that harness the power of data, like artificial intelligence (AI), present huge opportunities to transform healthcare, improve the quality of people’s lives, and to make the job of working within the health and care system more rewarding. We are determined to harness this potential.

Our State of the Nation report, published in September 2018, looks to the future of health and care and envisions what can be achieved when the vast potential of AI is unlocked.

The report was created following a detailed survey in collaboration with industry, academia and policy makers in an attempt to capture the reality of what technology is actually being developed within the UK health and care sector, and to understand what complexity of artificial intelligent technology is being realised.

Second survey

Following on from that work, a second survey is now taking place to understand where new AI technologies are being developed, what problems they are solving and collect more tangible information on the data and regulatory landscape.

Findings, combined with qualitative research to understand the ‘demand’, will be used to build and nurture the development of an AI ecosystem.

To take part in the survey visit