In March 2020, the AHSN Network quickly realigned activities and resource to support the health and care system’s response to coronavirus.

We quickly refocused our existing work maximising on areas that would provide significant benefits, such as sharing our knowledge of proven technologies and expertise in co-ordinated national spread initiatives.

We also supported new priorities, taking on new programmes of work including a leading role in embedding online consultations in primary care practices; supporting the uptake of remote monitoring and oximetry approaches; dissemination of resources for intensive care units; and supporting the uptake of electronic repeat dispensing to support the primary care workforce.

We aim to use our position in the system to work with partners and the system to embed learnings from this period. We have recently released a report, which focuses on nine key themes in health innovation from over the last year. Across these themes, 10 overarching recommendations emerged which we believe are key enablers for supporting the recovery of services as we emerge from the pandemic. Read the report.


Read more about our impacts below or visit the impact report main page AHSN Network Impact Report 2020-2021: