The AHSN Network is a key member of the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC), an NHS England and NHS Improvement initiative to remove barriers and accelerate the introduction of groundbreaking new treatments and diagnostics to transform care. We support NHS adoption of transformative technologies and medicines through the AAC’s Rapid Uptake Products (RUP) programmes and MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM), and until April 2021 through the Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme.

Rapid Uptake Products (RUP)

The Rapid Uptake Products (RUP) programme has been designed to support stronger adoption and spread of proven innovations. It identifies and supports products with NICE approval that support the NHS Long Term Plan’s key clinical priorities, but have lower than expected uptake to date. Find out more.

Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF)

The Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF) is available to help NHS organisations integrate the Rapid Uptake Products into everyday practices. PTF will support projects to overcome barriers to deploying these products. Find out more.

MedTech Funding Mandate

The NHS Long Term Plan committed to accelerate the uptake of selected innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital products to patients faster, by developing the MedTech Funding Mandate policy, which is delivered in partnership with AHSNs. Find out more.

Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP)

Delivered in partnership with the AHSNs, the Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) was an NHS England programme that ran up to April 2021, to accelerate adoption of innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and digital products by removing some of the financial and procurement barriers. Find out more.